Heinous Attack Coora (Final Form)

Dokkan Battle Heinous Attack Coora (Final Form), rating, stats, skills, awaken, how to get, tips, and team.
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update 13/11/2017

Is Coora (Final Form) good?

[Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form)
Max Lvl120
Max RarityUR
Icon[Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form)
*Z Awoken

Rating: B+

[Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form) is a very solid unit, he can hit hard, he has the ability to stun and he has now access to the Movie Bosses category, on which he also fits very well.

  • Pros

    Good DPS
    Outclassed on his best team
  • Cons

    Lacks common Ki links
    Low base stats

How to get



Hidden Potential

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Super ATK

Death Chaser

Causes supreme damage with a rare chance to stun the enemy

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
  • Overwhelming Fear Coora (Final Form) can be used to raise Super Attack.
SA Lvl12345678910
SA Multiplier (%)250270290310330350370390410430


Leader Skill

AGL, TEQ & PHY Type Ki +2 and HP, ATK & DEF +30%

Passive Skill: Declaration of Omnipotence

ATK +90% at start of turn

Link Skill

Link SkillEffect
Strongest Clan in SpaceKi +2
Thirst for ConquestATK +15%
Big Bad BossesATK & DEF +25% when HP is 80% or below
Brutal BeatdownATK +10%
MetamorphosisRecover 5% HP
Universe's Most MalevolentATK +15%
Fierce BattleATK +15%



Team suggestion

5+ links

Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form)
Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form)
[Max Cost/HP/ATK/DEF]
[L] All Types ATK +7000
[S] Energy Causes colossal damage to enemy
Causes mega-colossal damage to enemy
and lowers ATK & DEF
[P] ATK +13000 & DEF +5000 at start of turn
Strongest Clan in Space - Universe%27s Most Malevolent - Thirst for Conquest - Big Bad Bosses - Fear and Faith - Legendary Power - Metamorphosis
Staggering Force Frieza (1st Form)
Staggering Force Frieza (1st Form)
[Max Cost/HP/ATK/DEF]
[L] All Types ATK +4000
[S] Energy Causes supreme damage to enemy
[P] ATK +8000 & DEF +4000 at start of turn
Strongest Clan in Space - Universe%27s Most Malevolent - Metamorphosis - Big Bad Bosses - Thirst for Conquest - Fear and Faith
Open The Gates of Hell Coora (Final Form)
Open The Gates of Hell Coora (Final Form)
[Max Cost/HP/ATK/DEF]
[L] EPHY Ki +3 &amp; HP, ATK, &amp; DEF +120% <br /> SPHY Ki +1 &amp; HP, ATK, &amp; DEF +50%
[S] Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF
[P] ATK &amp; DEF +100%; launch an additional attack which has a chance to become a Super Attack
Strongest Clan in Space - Thirst for Conquest - Big Bad Bosses - Shocking Speed - Universe%27s Most Malevolent - Metamorphosis - Fierce Battle
Indignant Emperor Frieza (1st Form)
Indignant Emperor Frieza (1st Form)
[Max Cost/HP/ATK/DEF]
[L] All Types ATK +2000
[S] Energy Causes extreme damage to enemy
[P] ATK +5000 &amp; DEF +2000 at start of turn
Strongest Clan in Space - Universe%27s Most Malevolent - Metamorphosis - Big Bad Bosses - Thirst for Conquest
Terrifying Pressure Coora (Final Form)
Terrifying Pressure Coora (Final Form)
[Max Cost/HP/ATK/DEF]
[L] EPHY Ki +2 &amp; HP, ATK, &amp; DEF +100% <br /> SPHY HP, ATK, &amp; DEF +40%
[S] Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF
[P] ATK &amp; DEF +80%; launch an additional attack which has a rare chance to be a Super Attack
Strongest Clan in Space - Thirst for Conquest - Shocking Speed - Big Bad Bosses - Metamorphosis - Universe%27s Most Malevolent

4 links

Evil Incursion Super JanembaAlmighty Cleave CooraRampaging Vengeance Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)Netherworld Demon Super JanembaEmperor%27s Devotion Frieza (Full Power)Raging Evil Spirit Super JanembaImpeccable Emperor CooliezaUltimate Transformation Coora (Final Form)Proudest in the Universe Coora (Final Form)

Strategies & Tips

Teams and Role

Coora (Final Form) can be used on Extreme TEQ and Movie Bosses.


The real problem with having Coora (Final Form) is that, while the unit does link very well with [Fire of Vengeance] Golden Frieza, he is going to struggle to get a Super Attack off linked with anyone else if there’s no support on rotation; since the team is centered around the best unit in the element, [Merciless Condemnation] Goku Black (SS Rose) & Zamasu, it’s very difficult to find a place for this unit. You could put Coora (Final Form) on rotation with [Fire of Vengeance] Golden Frieza, but the damage would end up being pretty underwhelming, especially if Golden Frieza loses his Passive because of his HP restriction. Coora (Final Form) is a pretty solid choice as a floater on this team, his ability to stun can be pretty valuable in Super Battle Road, but in terms of damage he can’t really make the most out of his links here.

"Movie Villains"

The fact that the Leader of the team, [Explosive Evolution] Turles, provides all units with 3 Ki and a 40% ATK boost whenever he is on rotation massively helps out Coora (Final Form) in terms of consistency, making up for his lack of common Ki links; in addition to this, on this team, Coora (Final Form) has a pretty easy time activating his ATK links. Unfortunately for [Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form), his PHY counterpart, [Open The Gates of Hell] Coora (Final Form), is also part of the category and, thanks to the higher multiplier and the built-in Additional Attack, he outclasses him both offensively and defensively; the only thing in favor of the TEQ version is the fact that the PHY one does not have Brutal Beatdown, a 10% ATK link that Turles can appreciate once he “Powers Up”.

Which Coora (Final Form) is better?

As I said, the PHY version is overall a better unit, but exactly by how much does he outclass his TEQ counterpart and how far in the Potential System does the TEQ one need to be to beat him? For this comparison I am going to look first at a 55% [Open The Gates of Hell] Coora (Final Form), to set the bar, and then at a 55% [Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form).
(both units are going to be put on the same team on rotation with [Evil Incursion] Super Janemba; the floaters are going to be the Leader Turles, the Friend Leader Turles and Steel Hatred Metal Coora.

[Open The Gates of Hell] Coora (Final Form)

12.950 (Base ATK +2000) x 4 (Leader Skill) x 2,32 (Passive + average Support Passive) x 1,5 (average boost from Link Skills) x 1,4 (Ki multiplier) x 5,35 (immense damage + 30% from Potential System) = 1.350.177
If we factor the built-in Additional Attack and the lv.5 Additional Attack, the average ATK will be 1.792.452

[Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form)

10.107 x 4 x 2,22 x 1,6 x 1,45 x 4,6 = 957.813
If we factor the lv.5 Critical, the average ATK will be 1.056.946
That’s a pretty big gap to fill, but let’s try and see how much of a difference opening a path would make...
[Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form) at 69%
1.584.372 average ATK
[Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form) at 79%
1.899.163 average ATK
So [Heinous Attack] Coora (Final Form) needs to have at least two paths opened to be able to outdamage a 55% [Open The Gates of Hell] Coora (Final Form).

Super ATK

Supreme damage may not look like much, but the unit can make up for that with the abundance of ATK links and the above average 12 Ki multiplier of 145%; also has chance to stun the opponent, which is nice, but most events are immune to that mechanic in the final stages.

Leader Skill

Coora (Final Form)’s Leader Skill gives too little of a boost and not enough Ki to be considered even as a Sub-Leader for Battlefield.

Passive Skill

The Passive is pretty simple, a 90% at start of turn; the unit would have appreciated, seeing the category team he fits in, to get that boost upon Super Attack.
Had this Coora (Final Form) had gotten the 90% boost upon Super Attack, he would have almost been able to outdamage his PHY counterpart at just 69% in the Potential System, coming short of doing that by barely over 2.500.

Link Skills

As I said, this unit lacks common Ki links; Strongest Clan in Space is the only one and it’s that good on either Extreme TEQ or Movie Bosses; Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle are great ATK links and Thirst for Conquest and Brutal Beatdown, despite being less common, can still be activated quite consistently. Universe%27s Most Malevolent could see more use in the future, on a different category team, but so far it’s not that useful. Metamorphosis is pretty much useless on Extreme TEQ as the units that have that link are usually floaters, but it can be activated on Movie Bosses for a 5% HP recovery.

Best units to pair with

[Fire of Vengeance] Golden Frieza
[Fire of Vengeance] Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza shares “Strongest Clan in Space” with Coora (Final Form), his only Ki link, and he can activate both “Universe’s Most Malevolent” and “Fierce Battle” for a 30% ATK boost; despite the fact that most of Coora (Final Form)’s ATK links are not going to be active, Golden Frieza is still his best linking partner on Extreme TEQ since he is the only other good unit with “Strongest Clan in Space” in the element.
[Fearful World Domination] Demon King Piccolo
[Fearful World Domination] Demon King Piccolo
Demon King Piccolo is a support unit that can make up for Coora (Final Form)’s lack of common Ki links with his support Passive; in addition to the 3 Ki from the Passive, Demon King Piccolo can also activate “Thirst for Conquest” for him and add a 25% ATK boost.
[Explosive Evolution] Turles
[Explosive Evolution] Turles
Turles can give Coora (Final Form) 3 Ki with his support Passive, making up for the fact that they don’t share any Ki link at all, he can add a 40% ATK boost on top of the 90% Coora (Final Form) gets and he can activate almost all of of his ATK links; the only ATK link not active is going to be “Universe Most Malevolent”.

Hidden Potential

Coora (Final Form) is a TEQ type, which is very nice since his role is to deal damage; the best build will be lv.20 Critical and lv.6 Additional. Further investment in Additional is not bad, it will slightly raise the chance to get the stun off, but Additional Attacks are not guaranteed to be Super Attacks and the mechanic is bound to that, it does not come from the Passive.

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

You can raise the Super Attack Level of this unit using Overwhelming Fear Coora (Final Form), the Dokkan Awakening of Coldhearted Invasion Coora, a base SR that you can either find by summoning or by playing The Strongest Rivals Story Event, but the drop rate for this unit is absolutely horrible. Is the unit worth 9 Kais if I don’t want to grind the Story Event or it’s just not available? Only if you are planning on using this unit on Movie Bosses; it’s not worth investing anything if his purpose is just going to be that of a floater that can also stun.

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