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Is Goku (Ginyu Force) good?

Show Off Ginyu Force Ginyu (Goku) (Ginyu Force)
Max Lvl150
IconShow Off Ginyu Force Ginyu (Goku) (Ginyu Force)
*Z Awoken

Rating: S

Ginyu Force (Goku) is easily the best unit on his own team (Ginyu Force category team) and one of the best support units in Dokkan Battle.

How to Get

This unit is currently unavailable on the Global ver.
You need to unlock 100% Hidden Potential of the Ginyu Force Special Training event characters (either SSR or UR is fine).



Super ATK

Milky Cannon (12 - 17 Ki)

Super ATKSuper ATK

Greatly raise ATK for 1 turn and causes colossal damage to enemy

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
140 %"bar"

Special Fighting Assault (18+ Ki)

Super ATKSuper ATK

Causes mega-colossal damage to enemy, extreme type allies' ATK +30% for 1 turn

24 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
200 %"bar"


Leader Skill

Ginyu Force Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +100%

Passive Skill

Extreme type allies ATK & DEF +30%;

'Ginyu Force" category allies gain an additional ATK & DEF +20%

Link Skill

Link SkillEffect
The Ginyu ForceATK + 25%
Signature PoseKi + 2
GentlemanKi + 2
RespectATK + 500
LoyaltyKi + 1
More Than Meets the EyeATK + 300
Legendary PowerATK +5000 when Super Attack is launched


Strategies & tips


Ginyu Force (Goku) can function outside of his own team, he could be put for example on an Extreme TEQ or on a"Villain" team, but since he lacks common Ki links like "Fear and Faith" or "Shocking Speed" he would bring nothing in terms of synergy. On a "Villain" team he would get the +3 Ki from Vengeful Anger - SSR Goku Black's Passive, but he would still have to rely on the Ki on the board to get his 18+ Ki Super Attack and the TEQ slot on the team is already taken by Merciless Condemnation - SSR Goku Black & Zamasu.

"Ginyu Force"

Ginyu Force (Goku) is the main star of the team and what makes it viable in the first place thanks to his Passive. The synergy is amazing, every unit on average is going to have more than 11 Ki, one of the most consistent teams in the game in this regard. Ginyu Force (Goku) should be kept on both rotations, one with Strongest of the Elite Troops - Ginyu (Force) or Bold Battle - Ginyu and the other one with Dignity of the Ginyu Force - Jeice.

Extreme TEQ

Ginyu Force (Goku)'s Passive boost all Extreme allies' ATK and DEF by 30% can be very beneficial for the rest of team: Mythical Evolution - SS3 Broly is going to be able to collect more orbs safely and Merciless Condemnation - SSR Goku Black & Zamasu is going to mitigate damage even better than he already does. Unless you are planning on bringing the other TEQ "Ginyu Force" member, Harsh Constraint - Guldo, Ginyu Force (Goku)'s links are not going to be active, but he is not bad off-rotation unit.


In the case of a "Villain" team to make Ginyu Force (Goku) function at his best you would have to bring the rest of the "Ginyu Force" members or at least some of them if you are trying to optimize this unit in particular. Unfortunately since none of the "Ginyu Force" members link with Vengeful Anger - SSR Goku Black, this team would not have anything over a full "Ginyu Force" team with Ginyu Force (Goku) as a leader.

Super Attack

Ginyu Force (Goku)'s 12 Ki gives him a 50% ATK boost for 1 turn a causes colossal damage and it's pretty easy to get since, as I mentioned, the average amount of Ki per unit is more than 11, but his 18 Ki is what makes this unit amazing: mega-colossal damage and raises all Extreme allies' ATK by 30% for 1 turn, meaning every other unit on rotation is going to generate more damage on top of his stellar support Passive.

Leader Skill

"Ginyu Force" Ki +3 and HP, ATK and DEF +100% may not look like that much for such a restricted team, but once you factor all the additional boosts Ginyu Force (Goku) gives to his allies, then this Leader Skill is more than enough.

Passive Skill

Unlike the other members of the "Ginyu Force" Category, Ginyu Force (Goku) has a standard potential system with normal orbs. If you are planning on using this team, it wouldn't hurt to put some orbs into this unit, but keep in mind that it will be difficult to use it anywhere else. Since the boost to all allies' ATK comes from the 18+ Ki Super and not the 12-17 one, the main focus should be on Criticals, a standard lv.6 Additional and lv.20 Critical will output more damage.

Link Skills

him on Extreme TEQ or "Villains", Ginyu Force (Goku) has a terrible Link Set, but on a "Ginyu Force" team he is only missing "Shattering the Limit", and that is because he is already given as an LR, so he can not have a "Rebirth" link.

Best units to pair with

Strongest of the Elite Troops Ginyu (Force)
Strongest of the Elite Troops Ginyu (Force)
Ginyu (Force) is the best unit to have on rotation with Ginyu Force (Goku), between this unit's Passive and the links shared, both of them are going to start at 12 Ki. "Ginyu Force", "Respect", "Legendary Power" and Ginyu (Force)'s Passive add up to 25% and 13277 more ATK.
[Dignity of the Ginyu Force] Jeice
[Dignity of the Ginyu Force] Jeice
Jeice’s Passive gives all Extreme types 2 Ki and 20% ATK, making him the best unit to have on rotation with Ginyu Force (Goku) after Ginyu (Force). The Passive and the two standard links that every member of the team shares add up to 4 Ki and 45% ATK.
[Bold Battle] Captain Ginyu
[Bold Battle] Captain Ginyu
Ginyu and Ginyu Force (Goku) share “Signature Pose”, “Gentleman” and “Respect” as Ki links, making them both start at 11 Ki. Ginyu is the best choice as a linking partner for Ginyu Force (Goku) if you don’t have Strongest of the Elite Troops - Ginyu (Force).

Hidden Potential

All Extreme types get 30% to ATK and DEF, but all "Ginyu Force" units get an additional 20% on top of that. There is only another unit in the game that gives such a high boost through his Passive, Heartless Destruction - Buu (Kid), but Ginyu Force (Goku) doesn't have any HP restriction, making him unrivalled in this regard. The Super Attack and the Passive together add up to a 80% boost to ATK and a 50% to DEF on his own team that totally makes up for the Leader Skill giving "only" 100% to all stats.

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

Unfortunately this unit is not farmable, so just like for the Potential System, if you are planning on running this team, then investing 19 Kais is not going to be a waste, but keep in mind that's a very high cost. A good idea would be to wait until Perfect Cell's EZA comes to SA 20 this unit, since completing the first 30 stages will give you 10+ TEQ Grand Kais.

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