[Dignity of the Ginyu Force] Jeice

Dokkan Battle, [Dignity of the Ginyu Force] Jeice , 22nd world tournament reward, skills, super attack, team.
[GLB] Tight-Knit Fusion! Super Warrioress Summon
[Tight-Knit Fusion Fighter] Super Saiyan Kafla
update 10/03/2018

is Jeice good?

[Dignity of the Ginyu Force] Jeice
Max Lvl120
Icon[Dignity of the Ginyu Force] Jeice
*Z Awoken

Jeice is a support unit, and a very peculiar one: he not only offers 2 Ki and 20% ATK to all allies, but he also reveals the position of all enemies' Super Attacks. This is incredibly helpful is Super Battle Road, Super Attacks are the first thing that will screw your run and knowing exactly where they directed will help you in making decisions.

Jeice can be put on your Extreme STR team, he is a very good filler option: he does not link particularly well with anyone and he is not really capable of taking a hit, but he can definitely make up for that.

If put in the first slot, Jeice can also raise his allies ATK by an additional 20% for the turn, which is also the reason why the best investment for him in the Potential System is a good blend of Dodges and Additionals.

Should I run him on my team? Yes, especially if you don't have [Growing Through Battle] Hit, the best support unit for Extreme STR, you should consider using him.

How to Get



Hidden Potential

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Super ATK

Crusher Ball

Energy Causes supreme damage to enemy and raises allies' ATK by 20% for 1 turn

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
135 %"bar"


Leader Skill

STR Type Ki +2 and HP, ATK & DEF +30%

Passive Skill

Extreme Type Ki +2 & ATK +20%; reveal the location of the enemy's Super Attack

Link Skill

Link SkillEffect
The Ginyu ForceATK + 25%
Signature PoseKi + 2
Tag Team of TerrorATK + 500
BrainiacsATK & DEF +10%
FleeKi +1 when HP is 30% or below
Shattering the LimitKi + 2




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Just got the prerequisite card for this, he goes harder than mars blackmon for Jordan's.
This dudes needs a dokkan awakening. He should get one.
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