[Bomb Dropping Maiden] Chi-Chi

Dokkan Battle, [Bomb Dropping Maiden] Chi-Chi , rating, how to get, skills, super attack, and team.
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update 06/04/2018

Is Chi-Chi good?

[Bomb Dropping Maiden] Chi-Chi
Max Lvl80/100
Max RaritySSR > UR
Icon[Bomb Dropping Maiden] Chi-Chi
*Z Awoken

Rating: B

[Bomb Dropping Maiden] Chi-Chi is an interesting unit; her ability to debuff the attacked enemy is nice on a Super PHY team, especially for Super Battle Road; the fact that she can be self-sufficient is pretty cool and the unit also has the ability to stun, but her stats are very low and the B Rank Potential System certainly doesn't help.

  • Pros

    Stunner (Passive)
  • Cons

    B Rank Potential System
    Lacks common links

How to Get

[ JP version only]



Hidden Potential

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Super ATK

No Forgiveness!

Causes supreme damage to enemy with a rare chance to stun

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter


Leader Skill

PHY Type Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +50%

Passive Skill

Attacked enemy's ATK & DEF -20% for 2 turns; when HP is 50% or above, Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +60%

Link Skills

Link SkillEffect
The InnocentsATK +10%
InfighterATK +10%, Enemy DEF -10%
Battlefield DivaKi +2
The Incredible AdventureKi +2
Guidance of the Dragon BallsATK +20%


Strategies & Tips

Teams and Role

Super PHY

As I said, Chi-Chi can be useful for Super Battle Road with her 20% ATK and DEF debuff and her ability to stun, and the fact that she can be self-sufficient sort of makes up for her lack of common Ki links like Prepared for Battle and Shocking Speed; Chi-Chi does have two interesting ATK links, The Innocents and Infighter, both of which can turn out to be quite good if she manages to link with [Limitless Radiance] Super Vegito or [Naught but Rampage] SS3 Gotenks . Ideally you would want this unit as a floater; the fact that her 20% debuff lasts only for two turns unfortunately means that the effect is going to wear off before she can come back.

Super ATK

Chi-Chi has a supreme damage multiplier and a 130% 12 Ki multiplier, nothing special considering the fact that she has a very bad Potential System, which is already enough to limit her performance offensively and defensively, and only a 60% ATK boost from her Passive.

Leader Skill

2 Ki and a 50% boost to ATK and DEF sounds kind of redundant and weird since the [Martial Artists Fight] Goku that just received a Dokkan Awakening has pretty much the same Leader Skill but gives 10% more to both stats; Chi-Chi is not really meant to be a Leader.

Passive Skill

Chi-Chi's Passive makes her self-sufficient, giving her 3 Ki and a 60% boost to both ATK and DEF as long as your HP are above 50%, which is cool, but the boost is too low

Link Skills

Battlefield Diva is the most useful Ki link this unit has, and you will not be able to activate unless you are using [Dawning Supernova] SS2 Kefla or [Awakening Berserker] Kale (Berserk) and you are are keeping them on rotation; The Innocents and Infighter are easily the best links this unit has, as she can activate them for Super Vegito and SS3 Gotenks to boost their ATK; the rest are just very niche links that you will not be able to use unless you are running a World Tournament or a Peppy Gals category team.

Best units to pair with

Outcome of Hardship Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape)
Outcome of Hardship Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape)
Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape) shares “The incredible Adventure” with Chi-Chi and he can activate “The Innocents” and “Guidance of the Dragon Balls” for a 30% ATK boost.
Searching for a Sweetheart Bulma (Youth)
Searching for a Sweetheart Bulma (Youth)
Bulma (Youth) shares both of Chi-Chi’s Ki links, “Battlefield Diva” and “The Incredible Adventure”, which is more than enough, together with her Passive, for an automatic Super Attack; in addition to this these two units activate for each other “Guidance of the Dragon Balls”, their strongest ATK link.
[Lovely Buddy] Great Saiyaman 2
[Lovely Buddy] Great Saiyaman 2
Great Saiyaman 2 is a support unit that gives all Super type a 40% DEF boost, she shares “Battlefield Diva” with Chi-Chi and she can activate “Infighter” for her for a 10% ATK boost.
Talent%27s in the Blood Pan (GT)
Talent%27s in the Blood Pan (GT)
Pan (GT) provides her allies with a 30% ATK and DEF boost, she shares “Battlefield Diva” with Chi-Chi and she can activate “The Innocents” for her.
[A New Beginning] Android #18
[A New Beginning] Android #18
The support unit given out as a gift for the new year links pretty well with Chi-Chi, she can activate “The Innocents” for her and she adds 3 Ki between her Passive and “Battlefield Diva” and a 20% ATK and DEF boost.

Hidden Potential

Chi-Chi is not a unit you would want to put orbs into, the best thing you can do is to give her the lv.5 Additional she gets and not touch anything else; she will have a 10% chance to reduce the enemy's ATK by an additional 20% and get a second chance at stunning him.

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

Chi-Chi does not have a farmable Super Attack, your best bet to max her out is to utilize another copy of her or a summonable one since she is actually the best unit with that name so far.

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