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[Limitless Growth] SS2 Caulifla: Rating and Tips!
update 06/04/2018

Is SS2 Kefla good?

SS2 Kefla
Max Lvl120
Max RarityUR
IconSS2 Kefla
*Z Awoken

Rating: A

SS2 Kefla is a very good unit that can do a lot of things: she is a nuker, an orb-changer, she has a built-in Additional and a built-in Dodge.

  • Pros

    Jack of all trades
  • Cons

    No initial ATK boost, solely relies on the board
    Little to no ATK links

How to Get

Tight-Knit Fusion Fighter Super Saiyan Kefla [ JP version only]



Hidden Potential

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Super ATK

Gigantic Blast

Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF.

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter


Leader Skill

"Potara" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +150%

Passive Skill

Change INT Ki Spheres to PHY Ki Spheres;
ATK & DEF +12% per Ki Sphere obtained;
medium chance to evade enemy's attack (including Super Attack);
launches an additional attack which has a high chance to become a Super Attack

Link Skill

Link SkillEffect
Super SaiyanAtk +10%
Battlefield DivaKi +2
Tournament of PowerKi +3
Power Bestowed by GodATK +2500 when Super Attack is launched
Fused FighterKi +2
Shattering the LimitKi +2
Warriors of Universe 6Ki +2


Strategies & Tips

Teams and Role

SS2 Kefla can be used on Super PHY, Universe Survival Saga and Potara; in addition to this SS2 Kefla is one of the best units to bring for the Turtle School Training Daily Event, being a TUR and a Peppy Gals.

Super PHY

The role of the orb-changer on this team is already taken by Unconventional Fusion Whirus, the best in the game, but SS2 Kefla can be very solid option as a floater for this team, especially now that she is not bound to PHY orbs to increase her stats anymore. SS2 Kefla has Fused Fighter to link with [Naught but Rampage] SS3 Gotenks and [Limitless Radiance] Super Vegito and Prepared for Battle and Shattering the Limit for [Second Super Saiyan] Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen). Since her orb-changing Passive does not overlap with Whirus' one, SS2 Kefla can still be pretty useful in that aspect, and her ability to Dodge will further increase the overall defensive capability of the team.

"Universe Survival Saga"

SS2 Kefla is a floater on this team, all she really needs to fit here is the Tournament of Power links. Since there is not an LR or any other unit that particularly needs Ki, SS2 Kefla is free to utilize the orbs she generates to increase her ATK and although her ability to dodge is not as good as [Limitless Growth] SS2 Caulifla, she can make up for that with the DEF boost she receives from her Passive.


SS2 Kefla is a solid option as a floater on this team and, while the fact that she changes the second best type of orbs for [Super Powered Fusion] SS Goku & SS Vegeta is definitely annoying, SS2 Kefla can perform very well under their Leader Skill. The reason why this unit is not on the optimal line-up for the team is because she doesn't really provide much in terms of links to solve the problems of the [Strength Surpassing God] SS God SS Vegito version. Even as the Leader, SS2 Kefla should still be a floater, her lack of Fierce Battle would hinder the damage potential of any unit paired up with her, excluding [All or Nothing] SS God SS Vegito.

Super ATK

Immense damage and a 145% 12 Ki multiplier is very good; in addition to this SS2 Kefla also greatly lowers the enemy's DEF, even though this is relevant only against specific events.

Leader Skill

SS2 Kefla has an amazing Leader Skill for a non-Dokkan Fest exclusive unit, she is an alternative to SS Goku & SS Vegeta as the leader of a Potara team, giving a well-rounded 150% boost to all stats.

Passive Skill

SS2 Kefla is a unique unit and most of it comes from her Passive: she is an orb-changer that can provide Ki sheres for herself, but she is not bound to them to boost her ATK and DEF; she has a 30% chance enemies' attack and she has a built-in Additional with a 50% chance to become a Super Attack, as high as the ones from the Potential System.

Link Skill

This unit heavily lacks ATK links, only having Super Saiyan and Power Bestowed by God, a flat 2500 link; this is definitely where this unit falls. Battlefield Diva, Warriors of Universe 6, Tournament of Power and Shattering the Limit are only useful on a Universe Survival Saga team, and even there their use is limited, excluding the main 3 Ki one. If Power Bestowed by God receives an update in the future, SS2 Kefla will greatly improve.

Best units to pair with

[Tight Knit Fusion Fighter] Super Saiyan Kefla
[Tight Knit Fusion Fighter] Super Saiyan Kefla
With the Dokkan Awakening this unit changed its name, making the UR version the best linking partner both in terms of Ki and ATK. SS2 Kefla and SS Kefla share "Battlefield Diva", "Warrior of Universe 6", "Fused Fighters" and "Tournament of Power" for 9 Ki and activate for each other both “Super Saiyan” and “Power Bestowed by God”.
[Limitless Fusion] Super Vegito
[Limitless Fusion] Super Vegito
Super Vegito can activate both of SS2 Kefla’s ATK links while also sharing “Fused Fighters” with her. Super Vegito would of course prefer being linked with a unit with at least “Fierce Battle”, but on a realistic line-up he is the one that will bring the most out of SS2 Kefla.
[Second Super Saiyan] Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen)
[Second Super Saiyan] Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen)
SS Trunks (Teen) and SS2 Kefla link quite well together in terms of Ki and the LR can for sure appreciate the PHY Ki spheres she generates through her Passive. “Prepared for Battle” and “Shattering The Limit” are the Ki links shared and “Super Saiyan” is the only ATK link active by pairing these two units.
[Greater Mind and Body] Super Saiyan 2 Kale
[Greater Mind and Body] Super Saiyan 2 Kale
SS2 Kale shares most of SS2 Kefla’s Ki links and also adds a 30% ATK and DEF boost with her Passive, making her the best unit to have on rotation with her on a “Universe Survival Saga” team.
[Limitless Growth] SS2 Caulifla
[Limitless Growth] SS2 Caulifla
"Battlefield Diva", "Warrior of Universe 6", "Shattering the Limit" and "Tournament of Power" add up to 9 Ki, automatically giving them a Super Attack even under a 2 Ki Leader Skill; "Super Saiyan" is pretty much the only ATK link that SS2 Caulifla and SS2 Kefla have and they can activate it for each other.

Hidden Potential

This unit already has a built-in Additional and a built-in Dodge, that are better than anything she will possibly get from her Potential System, and a natural lv.5 Additional, your main focus should be on Critical: lv.15 Critical and lv.11 Additional is the best way to go. You can invest in Dodge over Additional, but SS2 Kefla also receives a DEF boost in addition to her built-in Dodge, she doesn't need it.

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

SS2 Kefla is not farmable, if you are not planning on using her on your Potara or Universe Survival Saga team, don't use any Elder Kais/Grand Kais to raise her Super Attack; she is a solid unit, but she is in the standard SSR pool of every banner, excluding the type specific ones, you are much better off using extra copies of her to raise her SA.

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