Super Saiyan 3 Bardock (Proof of Saiyan's Power)

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Is Super Saiyan 3 Bardock good?

Super Saiyan 3 Bardock
Max Lvl 120
*Z Awoken

Rating: S

[Saiyans Proof of Power] SS3 Bardock is an incredible hard hitter that can also take a hit after he Super Attack; he has a very good support Passive and he the category Leader of one of the strongest and most cohesive teams in the game.

  • Pros

    One of the hardest hitters in the game
    Good tank after SA
    Good support Passive
    Good links
    Category leader
    Semi-farmable Super Attack
  • Cons

    HP restriction on the Passive
    No DEF boost before SA

How to Get

SS 3 Bardock (Saiyan's Proof of Power) is currently unavailable on the Global version.
SS3 Bardock (Saiyan's Proof of Power) can be obtained by Dokkan Awakening SS3 Bardock (Interval Time of Awakening)



Hidden Potential

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Super ATK

Rebellion Edge

SS3 Bardock SASS3 Bardock SA

Causes immense damage to enemy, medium chance to seal Super Attack

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
150 %"bar"
SA Lvl12345678910
Multiplier (%)280305330355380405430455480505
(Lvl 120)
(Max Potential)


Leader Skill

"Super Saiyan 3" Category Ki +3 and HP +130%; ATK & DEF +170%; or SINT Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK, & DEF +90%

Passive Skill

ATK & DEF +100% when performing a Super Attack; when HP is 70% or below, Super Type allies ATK +40%

Link Skill

Link SkillEffect
Super SaiyanATK +10%
Experienced FightersATK +10%
Over in a Flash Ki +3
Prepared for BattleKi +2
Fierce BattleATK +15%
Limit-Breaking Form ATK +2500 when Super Attack is launched
The First AwakenedATK +25%



To get SS3 Bardock (Saiyan's Proof of Power), you need to awaken SS3 Bardock (Interval Time of Awakening).

Strategies & Tips

Teams and Role

SS3 Bardock can currently be used on Super INT, Potara, "Rainbow Heroes", Resurrected Warriors and Super Saiyan 3, under his own Leader Skill.

Super INT

Having both Prepared for Battle and Over in a Flash, SS3 Bardock has no trouble fitting on this team; he links very well with the Leader, [Outshining Darkness] Super Gogeta, and can activate The First Awakened and Experienced Fighters for a few units. Ideally SS3 Bardock is a main rotation unit, paired with Super Gogeta; his Passive can be very valuable to icrease the DPT so you want to have him appear as frequently as possible and not rotate him off.


It may sound weird to have this on this team as he is not in the category, but SS3 Bardock can be quite useful even under a 90% Leader Skill; sharing Prepared for Battle and Experienced Fighters with the Leader of the team, [Super Powered Fusion] SS Goku & SS Vegeta, and even having Over in a Flash for the main star, [Strength Surpassing God] SS God SS Vegito, making him way more consistent; in addition to all of this SS3 Bardock's Passive synergizes very well with Super Saiyan God SS Vegito's, which gives him a boost upon Super Attack. SS3 Bardock is a solid option as a floater on this team, also offering his medium chance to seal to guarantee that all attacks that are going to hit [Limitless Radiance] Super Vegito are going to end up being countered.

"Rainbow Heroes"

Having Over in a Flash is basically a requirement to be on this team and with the addition of [Golden Fist] SS3 Goku , SS3 Bardock an even better unit to have to fill the INT slot. SS3 Bardock should either be put on rotation with [Golden Fist] SS3 Goku or kept as a floater; he can greatly improve the performance of Super Saiyan God SS Vegito and SS3 Goku with his Passive, and on this team it's actually easier to get below the 70% HP threshold. SS3 Bardock also adds some utility with his chance to seal since the team after all is still only under a 120% Leader Skill.

"Resurrected Warriors"

SS3 Bardock is very solid option for this team; he shares Over in a Flash with Beyond the Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta and [Astounding Transformation] Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Angel), and Prepared for Battle with [Indestructible Saiyan Evil] LSS Broly. SS3 Bardock should be a floater on this team and, if both the Leader and the Friend Leader are off-rotation as well, he will not be affected by [Emperors True Splendor] Golden Frieza (Angel)'s 15% ATK debuff. SS3 Bardock's is not as useful on this team since most of the units are going to be Extreme types, but he will still benefit himself from the 40% ATK boost.

"Super Saiyan 3"

On his own team SS3 Bardock is a main rotation unit, paired with [Golden Fist] SS3 Goku or [Mystery Super Technique] SS3 Goku on the first rotation and with [Naught but Rampage] SS3 Gotenks on the other one; he is an incredible powerful unit under the 170% ATK Leader Skill and he can be quite tanky after he Super Attacks. You want to have this unit on rotation as much as possible as his Passive is going to affect every single unit on the team unless you are running [Mythic Evolution] SS3 Broly. SS3 Bardock fits very well on his own team thanks to Over in a Flash and usually has no trouble with being consistent.

Super ATK

Immense damage and a 30% chance to seal is not bad at all, it adds more utility to this already great unit; the 12 Ki multiplier is 150%, very good too.

Leader Skill

In addition to supporting the Super Saiyan 3 category by giving them that huge 170% ATK and DEF boost, SS3 Bardock also has a second Leader Skill which is the same as [Full-Tilt Kamehameha] SS 2 Gohan (Youth); 3 Ki and 90% to all stats for all Super INT types is very good and it opens up a lot of possibilities for team building, like bringing [Outshining Darkness] Super Gogeta or [Full-Tilt Kamehameha] SS 2 Gohan (Youth).

Passive Skill

SS3 Bardock receives his 100% ATK and DEF boost only when performing his Super Attack, this will affect the way he takes a hit when put in the first slot, but it's mostly a good thing for him; the second part of SS3 Bardock's Passive gives all Super type allies a 40% ATK boost when your health is at 70% or below. Why is this Passive so good? Aside from the fact that 40% is a huge boost, especially given by a unit that can also deal a lot of damage, both him and [Golden Fist] SS3 Goku particularly benefit from it: both of these units receive their ATK boost upon Super Attack, so in a different moment, and these buffs will be even greater when this Passive is active. SS3 Bardock's 100% ATK boost will become a 180% and SS3 Goku's 180% will become a 292% one.

Link Skill

Prepared for Battle and Over in a Flash are great Ki links for a Super type units and they allow SS3 Bardock to fit so well on so many teams; Super Saiyan and Fierce Battle are standard ATK links and the unit also has Experienced Fighters and The First Awakened, both pretty good links despite being somewhat niche. Limit-Breaking Form is just a 2000 flat ATK, but it will probably receive an update in the future.

Best units to pair with

[Super-Dimensional Instinct] Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)
[Super-Dimensional Instinct] Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)
Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) and SS3 Bardock share both "Prepared for Battle" and "Over in a Flash" for an automatic Super Attack and activate "Fierce Battle" and "The First Awakened", a 25% ATK link that is not so common at all, for each other; there is not much else to say, these two units work very well together, they are consistent and they bring out a lot of potential damage when paired up.
[Outshining Darkness] Super Gogeta
[Outshining Darkness] Super Gogeta
Super Gogeta and SS3 Bardock link very well together, activating for each other "Super Saiyan", "Experienced Fighters" and "Fierce Battle" while sharing both "Prepared for Battle" and "Over in a Flash" for an automatic Super Attack; great rotation on Super INT.
[New Heights] SS3 Gohan (Teen)
[New Heights] SS3 Gohan (Teen)
SS3 Gohan (Teen) shares "Over in a Flash" with SS3 Bardock, he has the standard "Super Saiyan" and "Limit-Breaking Form" as any other "SS3" unit, but he also has "Experienced Fighters" and he receives his ATK boosts in two different moments; his first ATK boost is at start of turn and the second one is upon Super Attack, which, as I explained, works extremely well with SS3 Bardock's Passive.
[Strength Surpassing God] SS God SS Vegito
[Strength Surpassing God] SS God SS Vegito
Super Saiyan God SS Vegito and SS3 Bardock "only" share "Over in a Flash" and activate "Super Saiyan" and "Fierce Battle" when paired together, but it's the fact that Super Saiyan God SS Vegito receives a boost from his Passive each time he performs a Super Attack that really makes them work so well together; this boost will be greatly increased if SS3 Bardock's Passive is active.
[Golden Fist] SS3 Goku
[Golden Fist] SS3 Goku
The hardest hitter on the "SS3" team and in the game is such an incredible unit thanks to SS3 Bardock; not only because of the Leader Skill but also because of how high of an ATK boost he receives when launching the Ultra Super Attack when SS3 Bardock's Passive is active. SS3 Goku and SS3 Bardock share the standard "SS3" links and "Experienced Fighters"; they are an incredibly powerful rotation.

Hidden Potential

SS3 Bardock is mainly an offensive unit, he can be quite tanky thanks to the 100% DEF boost upon Super Attack and he already receives a natural lv.5 Dodge, so the ideal investment would be lv.15 Critical lv.6 Additional and lv.5 Dodge. Even though the unit does get a 30% chance to from the Super Attack, it's not really enough of a reason to invest more in Additional.

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

SS3 Bardock does not have a farmable Super Attack, but you can Dokkan Awaken A New Legend Begins Super Saiyan Bardock, a base SR that is fairly common in most banners, into an SS3 Bardock that will be usable to raise his Super Attack Level by 1; SS3 Bardock is easily a unit investing Kais into, but it should still be considered saving a few utilizing this method as you are sure to pull a bunch of these SS Bardock from his banner.

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