[Emperor's True Splendor] Golden Frieza (Angel)

Dokkan Battle True Radiance of the Emperor Golden Frieza (Angel), rating, stats, skills, awaken, how to get, tips, and team.
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update 17/03/2018

Is Golden Frieza (Angel) good?

[Emperors True Splendor] Golden Frieza (Angel)
Max Lvl120
Max RarityUR
Icon[Emperors True Splendor] Golden Frieza (Angel)
*Z Awoken

Rating: A+

[Emperors True Splendor] Golden Frieza (Angel) is a category leader and an amazing unit capable of hitting hard and tanking very well thanks to the combination of the DEF increase and the ATK debuff on Super types from his Passive.

  • Pros

    Good DPS
    Fairly tanky
    Category leader
  • Cons

    Poor synergy with the strongest units on his own team
    Debuffs Super type allies
    Lacks Big Bad Bosses
    Niche link set

How to Get

Revived Emperor Golden Frieza (Angel)



Hidden Potential

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Super ATK

Great Death Beam

Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF.

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter

The 10th Warrior from Universe 7 Golden Frieza (Angel)can be farmed to raise Super Attack


Leader Skill

"Resurrected Warriors" Category Ki +3 and HP +130% and ATK & DEF +170% / INT Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%

Passive Skill:

ATK +150% and DEF +50%; Super Type allies' and enemies' ATK -15%

Link Skill


Strategies & Tips

Teams and Role

Golden Frieza (Angel) can be used on "Resurrected Warriors", his own team, Extreme INT and "Rainbow Villains".

"Resurrected Warriors"

Golden Frieza (Angel) is ideally a floater on his own team, he does not link particularly well with either [Indestructible Saiyan Evil] LSS Broly or Beyond the Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta, the ones who are designated to do the damage. The category does not lack options as linking partners though, all of the Golden Frieza units are on it and they can link very well with Golden Frieza (Angel): if you lack any of the two LRs I mentioned, it's not a bad idea to leave Golden Frieza (Angel) on rotation, he is not a bad DPS at all, he just can't possibly out-damage LSS Broly and Majin Vegeta even in the best case scenario.

Extreme INT

This team is very difficult to fit in, Ki is always an issue and Golden Frieza (Angel) has some pretty specific Ki links, excluding Revival. Golden Frieza (Angel) lacks Big Bad Bosses and would probably prefer being linked with Golden Malice Golden Frieza to maximize his ATK and be more consistent. Golden Frieza (Angel) can be kept on rotation with Galactic Invasion Full Power Boujack (Galactic Warriors), but the LR would obviously prefer being liked with Formidable Assault Full Power Boujack.

"Rainbow Villains"

Golden Frieza (Angel) is not really the best option for the INT slot on this team, it should designated to a support unit like Steel Hatred Metal Coora, but he is probably better than Galactic Invasion Full Power Boujack (Galactic Warriors), since the latter requires a lot of orbs to perform well. Golden Frieza (Angel) should be an off-rotation unit as he lacks common Extreme type links like Big Bad Bosses and Fear and Faith.

Best units to pair with

Golden Malice Golden Frieza
Golden Malice Golden Frieza
This Golden Frieza shares “Revival” and “Strongest Clan in Space” with Golden Frieza (Angel) and activates “Fierce Battle”, “Universe’s Most Malevolent” and “Prodigies”. The only ATK link this Golden Frieza does not activate for Golden Frieza (Angel) is “Brutal Beatdown”, but he is still one of the best linking partners for him.
[Fire of Vengeance] Golden Frieza
[Fire of Vengeance] Golden Frieza
The TEQ Golden Frieza is the best one in terms of damage and the second one when it comes to tanking, but he does not “Prodigies” or “Brutal Beatdown”. TEQ Golden Frieza and Golden Frieza (Angel) add to each other 4 Ki and 30% ATK.
Proof of Resurrection Golden Frieza
Proof of Resurrection Golden Frieza
The AGL Golden Frieza does not really pack much in terms of damage as he gets no ATK boost from his Passive, but he is the best one defensively with his 90% damage reduction and he shares with Golden Frieza (Angel) the same links as the INT one, adding a total of 4 Ki and 40% ATK.
Advancing Ambition Vegeta
Advancing Ambition Vegeta
Vegeta does not share any Ki links with Golden Frieza (Angel), but he gives him 3 Ki and 40% to ATK and DEF with his Passive to make up for it and actually has both “Prodigies” and “Brutal Beatdown”. Linking Golden Frieza (Angel) and this Vegeta will add a total of 3 Ki, 60% ATK and 40% DEF between links and Passive.
[Emperor%27s Devotion] Frieza (Full Power)
[Emperor%27s Devotion] Frieza (Full Power)
As I mentioned, Golden Frieza (Angel) has some pretty niche links for an Extreme type unit and that’s one of the main reasons why he’s not really your best pick for this team, but he does link decently well with Frieza (Full Power), activating “Prodigies”, “Universe’s Most Malevolent” and “Fierce Battle” and sharing “Strongest Clan in Space”. The INT and PHY are the most arbitrary ones on this team and choosing these two is not a bad idea, Golden Frieza (Angel) is going to link with Frieza (Full Power) when he comes around as a floater.

Hidden Potential

The main focus should, as always be investing on Critical, that's how the unit is going to output the most damage. Golden Frieza (Angel)'s ideal spread should be lv.15 Critical, lv.6 Additional and lv.5 Dodge, the one he gets naturally for being an INT type. Potential System investment makes a huge difference both offensively and defensively, it's advised to put some orbs into this unit for it to perform well, even if left off-rotation most of the times.

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

Golden Frieza (Angel) has a completely farmable Super Attack, even though the event from which you can obtain the character and the medals is not always available. Time in Hell Frieza (Final Form) (Angel) can be obtained from the Dragon Ball Super: Universal Survival Sage Story Event and Dokkan Awakened into The 10th Warrior from Universe 7 Golden Frieza (Angel) for a 100% chance to raise [Emperors True Splendor] Golden Frieza (Angel)'s Super Attack, the event even has a lucky drop mechanic by utilizing units from the Universe Survival Saga category to beat it. You can use Elder Kais/Grand Kais to avoid the grind, the unit is worth it, but saving Kais is always advised.

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