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Dokkan Battle Mythic Evolution Super Saiyan 3 Broly, rating, stats, skills, awaken, how to get, tips, and team.
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update 20/02/2018
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Evolution that Surpassed Legend Super Saiyan 3 Broly
Max Lvl 120
RatingA / (S - C)

Mythic Evolution - SSJ3 Broly is the definition of a glass cannon, the more orbs you collect the harder he is going to hit, but at the same time, in exchange for his incredible damage output potential, this unit sacrifices his DEF. It's not unheard of for a "Broly" unit to have poor defensive capabilities, in fact it's almost the norm, but the main difference between SSJ3 Broly and a unit like Indestructible Saiyan Evil - LSSJ Broly is that, instead of lowering his DEF by a fixed amount when launching the Super Attack, this one lowers it by 10% per orb collected, meaning that without any support SS3 Broly needs just 10 orbs to reach 0 DEF.

When the 120% Extreme TEQ leader first came out, many decided to skip his banner because of its evident flaws as a unit, but SSJ3 Broly is now being revalued because of a recent addition to the game, the "Super Saiyan 3" Category.


  • High damage potential
  • Farmable Super Attack


  • Limited synergy with its own team
  • Glass cannon

How to get



Super ATK

Gigantic Omega

Super ATKSuper ATK

Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
150 %"bar"
SA Lvl12345678910
SA Multiplier (%)280305330355380405430455480505


Leader Skill

EXTREME TEQ Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +120%
SUPER TEQ Ki +1 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%

Passive Skill: Overflowing Ki

ATK +100%; ATK +12% & DEF -10% per Ki Sphere obtained

Link Skill

Link SkillEffect
The Saiyan LineageKi +1
BerserkerATK +20% when HP is 50% or below
Prepared for BattleKi +2
Super SaiyanATK +10%
NightmareATK +10%
Limit-Breaking FormATK +2000 when Super Attack is launched
Fierce BattleATK +15%

Tips & Strategies

Teams & Role

SSJ3 Broly fits on three different teams: Extreme TEQ, led by him, “Villains” and “Super Saiyan 3”. You should always be careful with where you place this unit on a rotation, no matter what team you are running, and try not to expose him to too many attacks if you are planning on giving him a lot of orbs, especially on harder events.

Extreme TEQ

This team is stacked with very good defensive units like Fire of Vengeance - Golden Frieza, Dark Intentions - Masked Saiyan and Merciless Condemnation - SSJR Goku Black and Zamasu, that can compensate for SSJ3 Broly’s defensive liability. Having a tank absorb most of the hits will allow this unit to hit harder safely. Keeping one SSJ3 Broly on rotation and the other one off is the best way to go: it will decrease the overall damage taken and leave a rotation for Merciless Condemnation - SSJR Goku & Zamasu and either his TUR version or Wrath of the Absolute God - Fusion Zamasu.


Even though he is not the best option for the TEQ slot, SSJ3 Broly can perform very well on this team. Taking damage is not really an issue since lowering your HP will activate “Big Bad Bosses” for the other units and Punishment of Anger - SSJR Goku Black will increase the team’s DEF and decrease Super type enemies’ ATK anyway, leaving a lot more room for SSJ3 Broly.

“Super Saiyan 3”

Under Saiyan's Proof of Power - SSJ3 Bardock's Leader Skill, SSJ3 Broly receives a 170% boost to both ATK and DEF, making him one of the hardest hitting units in the game, but that's not all: since on a "SSJ3" team Ki is usually not an issue due to the fact that most of the members of the Category share "Over in a Flash", a 3 Ki link, saving orbs to increase the damage output of SSJ3 Broly is pretty easy. SSJ3 Broly links pretty well with SSJ3 Bardock, sharing "Prepared for Battle", "Fierce Battle" and his lack of "Over in a Flash" can help out Naught but Rampage - SSJ3 Gotenks not go overboard and get his 11 Ki Super. SSJ3 Broly’s defensive liability can help activate SSJ3 Bardock's Passive that requires your health to be below 70%. Overall a very good unit to have on your "SSJ3" Category team, on which he is still optimal even with the addition of Golden Fist - SSJ3 Goku.

Link Skills

"Big Bad Bosses" is the single most powerful link in the game for an Extreme type unit, and SSJ3 Broly, that could have easily taken advantage of its bad defense to have activate it more consistently, does not have it.

Instead of "Fear and Faith", SSJ3 Broly has "Prepared for Battle", that only Dark Intentions - Masked Saiyan and Merciless Condemnation - SSJR Goku Black & Zamasu share with him on Extreme TEQ, and "The Saiyan Lineage" as Ki links. Aside from "Fierce Battle" the only relevant ATK links SSJ3 Broly has is "Nightmare", since Merciless Condemnation - SSJR Goku Black & Zamasu does not have "Super Saiyan", which is difficult to activate unless you go out of your way and bring some very below-average units specifically for it.

Best units to pair with

Extreme TEQ Team

[Dark Intentions] Masked Saiyan
[Dark Intentions] Masked Saiyan
There is only one unit that can activate all SSJ3 Broly's Ki links, Masked Saiyan, even though that only amount to 3 Ki in total. Masked Saiyan shares "Fierce Battle" and "Berserk", which activates only when HP is below 50%, much more difficult and risky to activate than "Big Bad Bosses" especially with SSJ3 Broly's pitiful DEF in question.

3 Ki and 35% ATK makes Masked Saiyan one of the best linking partners for SSJ3 Broly on Extreme TEQ, which is not too bad when you consider [Indestructible Saiyan Evil] LSS Broly needs his TUR version to have a good linking partner.
[The Return of The Demon] Bio-Broly
[The Return of The Demon] Bio-Broly
Bio-Broly is an in-game unit, so you shouldn't expect too much from it, what he can achieve by activating "Super Saiyan", "Nightmare" an "Berkerk" for SSJ3 Broly, he probably makes up for with his underwhelming damage and inconsistent DEF due to a restriction on his Passive.

The best linking partner for SSJ3 Broly on Extreme TEQ is another “Broly” unit that at least can be maxed out completely for free.
[Merciless Condemnation] Goku Black (SS Rose) & Zamasu
[Merciless Condemnation] Goku Black (SS Rose) & Zamasu
The main star of the team, SSJR Goku Black & Zamasu, and SSJ3 Broly activate for each other "Prepared for Battle", "Nightmare" and "Fierce Battle": not a bad rotation, but SSJR Goku Black & Zamasu would clearly prefer to be linked with either his TUR version or Wrath of the Absolute God - Fusion Zamasu.
[Power Born of Ambition] Super 17
[Power Born of Ambition] Super 17
Super #17 is an orb-changer that can help out your Extreme TEQ team either by providing more orbs for SSJ3 Broly to collect or by making it easier for SSJR Goku Black & Zamasu to get his 18+ Ki Super Attack. “Nightmare” and “Fierce Battle” for SSJ3 Broly and even “Big Bad Bosses” for the rest of the team as ATK links (actually better than his Dokkan Fest-counterpart in this aspect) make him a good filler unit for the team and a great partner for SSJ3 Broly.

"SSJ3" Team

[Saiyans Proof of Power] SS3 Bardock
[Saiyans Proof of Power] SS3 Bardock
On a "SSJ3" Category team SSJ3 Broly, being the only Extreme type unit, has trouble activating most of his links, SSJ3 Bardock is the best partner for him, activating "Super Saiyan", "Fierce Battle" and "Limit Breaking Form" for a total of 25% and 2000 flat ATK and 2 Ki thanks to "Prepared for Battle". SSJ3 Bardock is the only other member of the Category with "Prepared for Battle", but a I said Ki is not an issue on this team.

"Villain" Team

[Punishment of Anger] Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
[Punishment of Anger] Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
On a "Villain" team SSJ3 Broly can perform at its best: his defensive liability can help out in keeping "Big Bad Bosses" active and SSJR Goku Black, with his debuff on Super type enemies and DEF increase on all Extreme types, can give SSJ3 Broly a lot more room for damage, being able to collect more orbs safely, but he is definitely not the best option for the TEQ slot on the team.

SSJR Goku Black activates "Super Saiyan", "Nightmare" and "Fierce Battle" for 35% more ATK and gives SSJ3 Broly a total of 5 Ki, 3 with his Passive and 2 with "Prepared for Battle".

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

SSJ3 Broly has a completely farmable Super Attack, meaning that, if you are willing to put yourself through a pretty long grind, you are not going to need Grand Kais/Elder Kais to max him out.

Hidden Potential

While investing on Critical is always the best way to go for any unit that is meant to mainly do damage, since SSJ3 Broly gets a natural lv.5 Critical and he can become very frail, a lv.3+ Dodge would not be a bad idea.

Hidden Potential Stats

No Additional Routes12250133006875
Total Max14850167009875


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