[Advent of Beautiful Love] Super Ribrianne

Dokkan Battle [Advent of Beautiful Love] Super Ribrianne, rating, stats, skills, awaken, how to get, tips, and team.
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update 03/04/2018

Is Super Ribrianne good?

[Advent of Beautiful Love] Super Ribrianne
Max Lvl80/100
Max RaritySSR > UR
Icon[Advent of Beautiful Love] Super Ribrianne
*Z Awoken

Rating: B

[Advent of Beautiful Love] Super Ribrianne is an interesting Free-To-Play unit that becomes increasingly stronger and tankier depending on how many units of her category are present on the team; Super Ribrianne can also recover some of your HP through her Passive and she is relatively easy to max out.

  • Pros

    Category leader
    Good DPS on “Peppy Gals”
    Good tank on “Peppy Gals”
  • Cons

    Limited usage
    Low stats
    Low multipliers

How to Get



Hidden Potential

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Super ATK

Ribrianne Super Amore Shower

Energy Causes supreme damage to enemy.

Ribrianne Eternal Love (30℅ chance)

Energy Massively raises ATK for 1 turn and causes supreme damage to enemy.

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
  • "Massively raises ATK for 1 turn" is +60% to SA multiplier
  • Maximum ATK & DEF boost from Passive Skill is +105%


Leader Skill

Peppy Gals Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +77%

Passive Skill

ATK & DEF +15% per Peppy Gals Category ally on the team; Recovers 7777 HP per RBW Ki Sphere obtained

Link Skill




Strategies & Tips

Teams and Role

Currently you can run this unit on her own team, Super STR and Universe Survival Saga.

"Peppy Gals"

Under her own Leader Skill, Super Ribrianne is actually a very good unit; since the whole team is going to consist of units of her category, Super Ribrianne is going to receive a total of 105% ATK and DEF from her Passive. In terms of consistency Super Ribrianne shares Battlefield Diva with all of the units on the team and even Tournament of Power with [Dawning Supernova] SS2 Kefla and [Limitless Growth] SS2 Caulifla, the best units in the category, so she is not going to struggle to get a Super Attack off. Super Ribrianne should be put on one rotation, leaving the other one for SS2 Kefla and SS2 Caulifla.

Super STR

Super Ribrianne doesn’t really have a place on this team: if you want her to perform well, you are going to have to bring a lot of units of her category, which will cause the overall damage output to drop. Signature Pose, Battlefield Diva and Tournament of Power are not prominent Ki links on this team, so, even as a floater, Super Ribrianne will not do much.

'Universe Survival Saga"

As a filler unit on this team, Super Ribrianne is actually not that bad: she does share Tournament of Power with mostly all of the other units in the category and even Battlefield Diva and Signature Pose can find some usage. In the Universe Survival Saga category there are at least four units, including her, that are also in the Peppy Gals category, meaning that Super Ribrianne is going to receive a 60% ATK and DEF boost; SS2 Kefla, SS2 Caulifla and [Greater Mind and Body] Super Saiyan 2 Kale are all very good units, you are not sabotaging yourself by bringing them with you.

Super ATK

Super Ribrianne’s Super Attack causes supreme damage with a 30% of becoming a stronger attack with a higher multiplier; nothing game-breaking, but she is after all a Free-To-Play unit. What really holds down this unit is definitely her incredibly low 12 Ki multiplier of 130%.

Leader Skill

A 77% boost to all stats is actually not bad at all and it’s the highest one we’ve received so far for the Peppy Gals category; nothing competitive, but it’s still a Free-To-Play category Leader Skill.

Passive Skill

Super Ribrianne receives a 15% ATK and DEF boost for every member of her own category present on the team, meaning that on a full Peppy Gals category team it’s going to be a 105% boost for both stats, which is quite high for a Free-To-Play unit; of course the restriction brings down the value of this unit’s Passive. Super Ribrianne can also recover your HP by a fixed amount, just like [Getting Butterflies] Bulma (Youth), by collecting rainbow Ki spheres.

Link Skills

As I said, Super Ribrianne’s Ki links are not bad for a Peppy Gals or a Universe Survival Saga team, but anywhere else the unit has very limited usage. In terms of ATK links Super Ribrianne only has The Innocents and More Than Meets the Eye, a 300 flat ATK link that we can just forget about until the developers will decide that it’s time to update it; The Innocents is not a bad link, but it’s going to be difficult to activate it.

Best units to pair with

Proud Bloodline Bulpan
Proud Bloodline Bulpan
Bulpan is a support unit that can provide her allies with 3 Ki, she shares “Battlefield Diva” with Super Ribrianne and she can also activate both of her ATK links, “The Innocents” and “More Than Meets the Eye”; the Ki from the support Passive and the Ki link shared will equate to an automatic Super Attack.
[A Sure Thing] Android #18
[A Sure Thing] Android #18
Android #18 and Super Ribrianne share “Battlefield Diva” and “Tournament of Power” and activate for each other “The Innocents”; an automatic Super Attack and the only relevant ATK link active, this is probably the best unit to pair Super Ribrianne with.
Exploring the Universe Pan (GT) (Honey)
Exploring the Universe Pan (GT) (Honey)
Pan (GT) (Honey) and Super Ribrianne share only “Battlefield Diva” in terms of Ki links, but Pan (GT) (Honey) can make up for that with the fact that she doesn’t require a full Ki meter to Super Attack; in addition to this these two units activate for each all of their ATK links, both “The Innocents” and “More Than Meets the Eye”.
[Dawning Supernova] SS2 Kefla
[Dawning Supernova] SS2 Kefla
SS2 Kefla and Super Ribrianne share both “Battlefield Diva” and “Tournament of Power” in terms of Ki links; an automatic Super Attack is not bad, but these two units do not share any ATK link at all.
[Limitless Growth] SS2 Caulifla
[Limitless Growth] SS2 Caulifla
SS2 Caulifla and Super Ribrianne share enough Ki links to automatically Super Attack, but no ATK links at all; “The Innocents” is not that common of a link on “Universe Survival Saga” and, unless you are pairing Super Ribrianne with Android #18.

Hidden Potential

Super Ribrianne is a Free-To-Play unit, meaning she will only get +3000 on each stat from her Potential System; I would honestly not advise you to waste any orbs on this unit since there are at least 3 other STR Free-To-Play units that come to mind that are better than her: Pan (GT) (Honey), [All or Nothing] SS God SS Vegito and Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form).

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

It should go without saying that, regardless of how bad the drop rate for this unit is, you should not use any Kais to max out her Super Attack Level; there are currently no units whose Super Attack can farmed through this unit.


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