[Expectations of Growth] Gohan (Kid)

Dokkan Battle [Expectations of Growth] Gohan (Kid) , 22nd world tournament reward, skills, super attack, team.
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update 31/01/2018

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[Expectations of Growth] Gohan (Kid)
Max Lvl120
Icon[Expectations of Growth] Gohan (Kid)
*Z Awoken

Rating: B

Just like [Getting Butterflies] Bulma (Youth) and Courage Awakened Super Saiyan Goku Jr., this is a completely Free to Play unit with its own potential system and orbs, so you’re not going to waste any when maxing it out. This unit can gains 12% ATK and DEF per orb collected and an additional Ki and 5% ATK per rainbow Ki orb, it can act as a tank while outputting a decent amount of damage. Its Link Set, while not being the best on Super STR, is very good for a Hybrid Saiyans team and the unit has a lot of room for potential since it will get an Extreme Z-Awakening.

Rating: A [ (Extreme Z Awaken)]

First of all, I want to say that most of my expectations were met by this unit's Extreme Z-Awakening. I was not disappointed in the slightest when I saw the improvements Gohan (Kid) received. After giving it some thoughts, I want to say that this possibly the best "Free to Play" unit that we got so far, and I sincerely hope more are to come or that, at the very least, others of the ones we already have like [Getting Butterflies] Bulma (Youth) and Courage Awakened Super Saiyan Goku Jr. can receive the same treatment and go beyond the "Transcended Ultra Rare" state.

When Extreme Z-Awakening Gohan (Kid) gains the "Namek Saga" Category Leader Skill, giving Ki +3 and HP, ATK and DEF +77% while keeping a Ki +2 and HP, ATK and DEF +30% for STR types. The Super Attack multiplier stays the same, we couldn't expect it to jump up by a tier due to the nature of the unit, but it gains an additional effect of boosting the allies' ATK by 20%. The role I initially designed for this unit is the same, and the main flaw is still the same too, a low DEF and the low Potential System buff he receives, but reaching lv.140 his stats increase and partially resolve that problem. Gohan (Kid) can act as a great tank on an "Hybrid Saiyans" team and, even previous his EZA, can actually dish out a respectable amount of damage, a good unit to have in your box and a fun one to use.

  • Pros

    Great tank with enough orbs
    Good damage output with enough orbs
    Easily gets his Super thanks to Passive
    Coherent Link Set for its best team
    Completely Free to Play

  • Cons

    Lacks Fierce Battle/Super Saiyan
    Lacks common Ki Links

How to Get



Super ATK


Energy Causes supreme damage to enemy

Causes supreme damage to enemy and raises allies' ATK by 20% for 1 turn (Super ATK Z)

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
130 %"bar"


Leader Skill

STR Type Ki +2 and HP, ATK & DEF +30%

Leader Skill Z

"Namek Saga" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +77%
STR Type Ki +2 and HP, ATK & DEF +30%

Passive Skill

ATK and DEF +12% for every Ki Sphere obtained; Ki +1 and ATK +5% for every RBW Ki Sphere obtained

Passive Skill Z

ATK & DEF +13% for every Ki Sphere obtained; plus an additional Ki +2 and ATK +7% for every RBW Ki Sphere obtained

Link Skill



Z Awaken

Gohan Kid

Strategy and Tips


Gohan (Kid) thanks to his Passive can perform really well on “Hybrid Saiyans” and be also a good filler option on Super STR.

  • “Hybrid Saiyans”

    This team is filled with units that like to take orbs for themselves so Gohan (Kid) is not always going to have enough to perform at his best. Even with few orbs collected Gohan (Kid) can output a good amount of damage and tank extremely well thanks to his Passive and Hidden Potential Unleashed - Ultimate Gohan’s DEF boost.
  • Super STR

    Gohan (Kid) is not really the first option, most units already lack synergy in terms of links and this one doesn’t really bring much to fix that. His semi-self-sufficiency can allow him to still perform well and the newly added [All or Nothing] SS God SS Vegito and [Outburst of Emotions] SS 2 Vegeta & Bulma do share “Shattering the Limits” with him.

Super Attack

work in progress...

Leader Skill

Gohan (Kid) is not really meant to be a competitive leader, the “Namek Saga” Category doesn’t really have too many units, even though that may change in the future, and most of them don’t really link together that well.

Passive Skill

Gohan (Kid)’s Passive, just like [Super Powered Fusion] SS Goku & SS Vegeta’s, gives him 2 additional Ki per rainbow Ki sphere obtained, which is nice since he does not have many Ki links, and his ATK and DEF increase by 13% per orb obtained with a 7% additional ATK per rainbow Ki sphere. Just to put this into perspective I'm going to mention another unit with a “nuker” Passive: [Mythic Evolution] SS3 Broly. SSJ3 Broly increases his ATK by 12% per orb but decreases his DEF by 10% per orb obtained. While not being nearly as strong as him due to its lower multiplier and missing a starting ATK boost, we now have this Gohan (Kid) that gets a higher boost and doesn't sacrifice anything when he is nuking, he actually becomes more tanky with more orbs.

Link Skill

work in progress...

Best Unit to Pair With

Imposing Brave Figure Gohan (Kid)
Imposing Brave Figure Gohan (Kid)
One of his best linking partner, activating “All in the Family”, increasing DEF by 15% and “Z-Fighters” and “The Innocents” for 25% ATK.Unfortunately both units are “hungry for orbs” so usually one of the two will have sacrifice some damage.
Budding Warriors Trunks (Kid) & Goten (Kid)
Budding Warriors Trunks (Kid) & Goten (Kid)
Not bringing too much Ki in this partnership is not a problem with this unit since both their Passives provide them self-sufficiency. Activate both “The Innocents” and “Z-Fighters” for a 25% ATK boost and 2 Ki with “Shattering the Limit”.
Furious Kamehameha Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)
Furious Kamehameha Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)
SS Goten (Kid) is not really the strongest unit for an “Hybrid Saiyans” team, but the fact that he can generate rainbow Ki spheres and that he shares “Shattering the Limit” with this Gohan (Kid) can make them great partners.

Hidden Potential

Additionals are not too bad for this unit due to the boost he provides to his allies, but Criticals are going to make him output more.

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

Gohan (Kid) is a completely Free to Play unit with its own Potential System, meaning that not only you will be provided with all the copies you need to max him out by completing his event and filling his Potential System, but you are also not going to “waste” any orbs on him. Another Free 100% unit that is definitely worth your time.


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