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Is SS3 Bardock good?

Super Saiyan 3 Bardock
Max Lvl 100
*Z Awoken

Rating: B

[Saiyans Counterattack] SS3 Bardock is a very solid unit and he is also easy to max out since he Dokkan Awakens from one of the most common SRs in the game, A New Legend Begins Super Saiyan Bardock; this unit is a decent tank and it’s also capable of hitting pretty hard with enough investment.

  • Pros

    Decent tank
    Decent damage
    Very good links
    Easy to max out
  • Cons

    Low average stats
    Turn restriction on DEF boost

How to get

SS 3 Bardock (Saiyan's Counterattack) is currently unavailable on the Global version.
SS 3 Bardock (Saiyan's Counterattack) can be obtained by Dokkan Awakening Super Saiyan Bardock (A New Legend Begins)



Hidden Potential

Additional RoutesHPATKDEF

Super ATK

Rebellion Trigger

SS3 Bardock SASS3 Bardock SA

Causes supreme damage to enemy and lowers DEF

12 Ki MultiplierKi Meter
135 %"bar"
SA Lvl12345678910
Multiplier (%)250270290310330350370390410430
(Lvl 100)
(Max Potential)


Leader Skill

"Super Saiyan" Category and INT, AGL & PHY Type Ki +2 and HP, ATK, & DEF +40%

Passive Skill

ATK +80% when performing a Super Attack; DEF +80% for 5 turns from the start of turn

Link Skill

Link SkillEffect
Saiyan Warrior RaceATK +700
Super SaiyanATK +10%
Experienced FightersATK +10%
Over in a Flash Ki +3
Prepared for BattleKi +2
Fierce BattleATK +15%
Limit-Breaking Form ATK +2500 when Super Attack is launched



Awaken (Z Awaken)

Strategies & Tips

Teams and Role

You can currently run this unit on Super AGL and “Rainbow Heroes”.

Super AGL

SS3 Bardock is a very good unit on Super AGL because he can link well with both [Mystery Super Technique] SS3 Goku EZA and Unparalleled Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and Unparalleled Golden Ki Super Vegito; having Over in a Flash and Prepared for Battle is pretty valuable. You can use SS3 Bardock as a floater or even keep him on rotation with SS3 Goku EZA for consistency.

"Rainbow Heroes"

If you have [Golden Fist] SS3 Goku , you are not going to be able to run [Mystery Super Technique] SS3 Goku EZA and, since the Leader Skill does not have any effect unless all types are covered, you need a good AGL unit that also has Over in a Flash in order to keep the team consistent even with an LR; this is where SS3 Bardock comes into play: he is a good AGL unit that is pretty easy to obtain and max out that also happens to have Over in a Flash. You can use this SS3 Bardock as floater on this team, adding 3 Ki and activating Experienced Fighters for SS3 Goku.

Super ATK

Supreme damage and a 135% 12 Ki multiplier is not that much, it’s the bare minimum; if you max out this unit, the damage multiplier will be a lot better since you will get a 75% boost from the Potential System.

Leader Skill

Only 2 Ki is pretty underwhelming, but the Leader Skill does cover a category as well as three different types, so it’s not too bad; a 40% boost to all stats is better than nothing and it can be used as a Sub-Leader for Battlefield during the first few stages.

Passive Skill

SS3 Bardock gets a pretty good DEF boost for a limited amount of turns, but those only count when he appears on rotation, making it last longer during the fight if he is a floater; receiving the ATK boost upon Super Attack is actually better for this unit, it will be greatly increased if there’s a support Passive into play.

Link Skill

As I said, the Ki links are pretty good; having Over in a Flash, Golden Warrior and Golden Warrior makes this unit a pretty good cheap option on both Super AGL and “Rainbow Heroes”. The ATK links are the standard Super Saiyan and Fierce Battle, very common among Super types, with the addition of Experienced Fighters, which can actually be quite useful, and Limit-Breaking Form, which will probably get an update and become a percentage-based link in the future.

Best units to pair with

[Mystery Super Technique] SS3 Goku EZA
[Mystery Super Technique] SS3 Goku EZA
SS3 Goku and SS3 Bardock share “Golden Warrior” and “Over in a Flash” for 4 Ki and they can activate “Super Saiyan”,”Fierce Battle”, Saiyan Warrior Race” and “Limit-Breaking Form” for each other.
[Spirited Offense] Super Saiyan 3 Goku (GT)
[Spirited Offense] Super Saiyan 3 Goku (GT)
SS3 Goku (GT) is a pretty solid unit that has received a Dokkan Awakening relatively recently at the same time this SS3 Bardock and his Dokkan Fest counterpart were released; he makes a pretty good partner for him on Super AGL, sharing both “Golden Warrior” and “Over in a Flash” and activating most of his ATK links.
[Outshining Darkness] Super Gogeta
[Outshining Darkness] Super Gogeta
Super Gogeta shares “Golden Warrior”, “Prepared for Battle” and “Over in a Flash” with SS3 Bardock, which is more than enough for an automatic Super Attack on both ends; in addition to this Super Gogeta and SS3 Bardock activate for each other pretty much all of their main ATK links, “Super Saiyan”, “Experienced Fighters” and “Fierce Battle”.
[Golden Fist] SS3 Goku
[Golden Fist] SS3 Goku
SS3 Goku would of course prefer being paired up with the INT version of SS3 Bardock in order to have access to his support Passive, but he still links pretty well even with the AGL version, sharing “Over in a Flash” for Ki and activating both “Super Saiyan” and “Experienced Fighters”.

Hidden Potential

This unit does have pretty low base stats, but it does get a full 5000 boost from the Potential System; it’s important to invest at least some AGL orbs into SS3 Bardock to have him perform well. The ideal investment is lv.11 Additional and lv.15 Critical to be able to output the most damage; SS3 Bardock’s DEF lowering mechanic upon Super Attack is nothing important, you should not invest any further than lv.11 in Additionals and Dodge is not particularly needed since the unit already gets a pretty respectable DEF boost from the Passive.

How good is this unit at 100%?

To give you an idea as to whether or not maxing out this unit is worth it, I am going to compare SS3 Bardock to the 120% Leader of his own element, Unparalleled Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta at 55% in the Potential System, meaning at “Free Dupe System Level”. SS4 Vegeta is a pretty hard hitter and a very good tank so let’s start from comparing their damage potential under normal circumstances on a Super AGL team:

SS3 Bardock (Linked with [Mystery Super Technique] SS3 Goku EZA)
11.664 (Base ATK +5000 from the Potential System) x 3,4 (Leader Skill) 39.657
39.657 x 1,25 +2700 (Link Skills active) = 52.272 x 1,35 (Ki multiplier) x 1,8 (SA boost) x 5,05 (damage multiplier at SA 10 +0,75 from lv.15 in the Potential System) = 641.455
Factoring lv.11 Additional, SS3 Bardock’s average ATK will be 719.784
Factoring lv.15 Critical, the final value will be 921.682
Now let’s look at SS4 Vegeta (Linked with Unparalleled Golden Ki Super Vegito)
SS4 Vegeta’s average ATK at SA 10, factoring the lv.5 Additional will be at 993.672
SS3 Bardock’s average ATK when Pan (GT) is on rotation will be 1.267.734.
SS4 Vegeta’s average ATK when Pan (GT) is on rotation will be 1.174.332
Now let’s look at SS4 Vegeta (Linked with Unparalleled Golden Ki Super Vegito)
SS4 Vegeta’s average ATK at SA 10, factoring the lv.5 Additional will be at 993.672
SS3 Bardock’s average ATK when Pan (GT) is on rotation will be 1.267.734.
SS4 Vegeta’s average ATK when Pan (GT) is on rotation will be 1.174.332

How did SS3 Bardock surpass SS4 Vegeta if they are receiving the type of boost? As I explained, SS3 Bardock receives his ATK upon Super Attack, so it’s factored in a different moment than support Passives and “start of turn” Passives like SS4 Vegeta’s; Pan (GT) 40% ATK boost will be added normally to SS4 Vegeta’s 120% ATK boost, turning it into a 160% one, but it will be added multiplicatively to SS3 Bardock’s 80%, making it effectively a 152% one. On average SS4 Vegeta is still going to hit harder than SS3 Bardock, but the fact still remains: this unit is actually quite good even with a lower multiplier with enough orbs invested into it.

Now let’s quickly compare how they perform defensively:

[Saiyans Counterattack] SS3 Bardock ’s base DEF is 3.475 + 5.000 (Potential System) = 8.875 x 3,4 (Leader Skill) = 30.175 x 1,8 (Passive) = 54.315 DEF

Unparalleled Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta’s base DEF is 5.470 + 2.000 (Potential System) = 7.470 x 3,4 (Leader Skill) = 25.938 x 2,2 (Passive) = 55.875 DEF

As you can see, both of them display similar values and, since we already know that SS4 Vegeta is a great tank even at 55% in the Potential System, we can expect SS3 Bardock’s defensive capabilities to be in the same realm.

Should I use Elder Kais/Grand Kais?

This unit can be used, as a base SR, to raise the Super Attack Level of any Super Saiyan Bardock and, as a base SSR, to raise the SA of [Saiyans Proof of Power] SS3 Bardock , the Dokkan Fest one.A New Legend Begins Super Saiyan Bardock is commonly found and usually featured on a lot of banners, you will have no trouble bringing him to SA 10 and opening all of his paths in the Potential System.

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